How cheap can a good smartphone really be?

Karan Kirti

Monday 02, 2016

There’s a reason good smartphones are costly (well, not iPhone-costly) - with decent hardware, specifications and features comes a greater price, which is fair and understandable.Though smartphone companies are trying to bring the prices of their models down as competition gets more and more fierce, there is a limit beyond which the prices just cannot be dropped.


So, with some Indian companies recently announcing smartphones at unbelievably low prices, we can only be dubious of their intentions. Whether they don’t care about profits or they sincerely want to put a smartphone in everyone’s hands or if they’re up to something else altogether, only time will tell.


It began with the Freedom 251, an Android smartphone priced at just Rs.250. Now another unknown manufacturer, Docoss, has announced the X1, an ultra-cheap smartphone priced at just Rs.888. The company has even posted official product images and an unboxing video on its social channels, and deliveries are reported to begin in early May.


In any case, here are a few reasons why it's sensible to not go for such ridiculously cheap 'gadgets'.

  1. They are most likely 'frauds'

As we mentioned in the beginning, even though prices have been dipping, it's near impossible to manufacture a smartphone at such a low price. It's more than likely that these ultra-cheap smartphones are just a scheme by fraudsters to rip buyers off.

  1. The devices might have poor build quality

It's true that you won't be getting an all-metal body at such low prices, but even then the build quality of these cheap smartphones is bound to be less than acceptable.

  1. Obsolete hardware specifications

It's obvious that a smartphone this cheap will have an outdated spec sheet which translates to an extremely dismal user experience.

  1. No updates

Getting timely updates is not just essential for a smooth and trouble-free user experience; it also ensures that you get critical security patches and other relevant features. But with these unknown manufacturers and their cheap smartphones, you should all but forget about getting even a single update on your device.

  1. Lack of after-sales service

Given the low prices that smartphones like Freedom 251 and Docoss X1 are being offered, it's almost a certainty that they'll run into hardware and software issues sooner or later. And with no after-sales service network, you'll just end up with an expensive brick.

  1. No warranty

The prices of these smartphones are equivalent to what reputed smartphone manufacturers charge you for a year's worth of extended warranty. Do we need to say more?

  1. Unsafe for use

Cheap electronic gadgets tend to be dangerous, and that’s a fact.


But after all, the choice is yours. You can go for it if you want to, or you can opt to not buy it. Do send us your reviews in case you get one.



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